Together, Towards a self efficient, and a prosperous future
Jahran Poultry Production Company is one of the
leading national companies that has participated-
along a period of more than 10 years- in achieving
self efficiency in the meat production sector in
Yemen. The wise economical strategy of the state
under the leadership of President ALI ABDULAH
SALEH has a strong positive impact on enhancing
its achievements  and production.
Our  company   with   its   national ownership
(Mr. Obad Ahmed Jumaan) owns
the elements required for expansion, evolution and
developing into one of the most important productive
companies nation-wide. We own a full net of production lines starting with the hatchery and ending with the slaughter houses and distribution lines. We also possess a clear future long view towards self efficiency in the field of hatching eggs production by establishing a parent stock farms.
The company has achieved a great success despite the temporary doused observed in 1990, when it was closed down for more than five years. It resumed its operations under a new management chaired by Mr. Obad Jumaan- Chairman . The new management has outlined and developed a strategic business plan to enable the company to resume its
operations and gain back its market share.
The first step taken by the new management is modernising the machines and the equipment of the production units. In addition to that it conducted the following:-
1) Providing Veterinary and health care.
As by hiring highly skilled Vets, technicians, and supervisors to ensure the success of the company's re-entry to the markets in a big bouns that brings back the company's market share.
2) Providing Feed and Modem Feeding Equipment.
The company has provided healthy feeding using the most recent techniques.
3) Veterinary Drugs
The company has established a special department of Vet. drugs and signed representation contracts in the field of drugs, vitamins, and vaccinations with foreign producers. This is not only to cover the needs of the company's production units, but also to cover the local market needs of these products.
4) Providing healthy Environment
One of the most important achievements of the company after its resumption of operations was providing a healthy environment in its farm houses and hatcheries. In order to maintain that, a number of highly skilled employees were hired covering all the different supervision duties.
On relation to the implementation of the projects of expansions and modernisation of the company's production facilities, the parent stock farms is on the lead. This project will reduce the pressure on the external trade balance , help developing the production, and complete the company's production cycle.
The company is also working on the expansion of the Slaughter house to guarantee the marketing and the sale of the whole production. This will support the company's pricing policy of its productions
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