Production Centers

I. Broiler Farm

The farm is situated east of the city of Maabar
and covers 7500   "libinah   Ishariyyah"
(530000 Sam)

It consists of 20 houses of 1500 M2 which can
hold 20 thousand chicks Per House.

It has a modem central heating system which
matches those of Europe and U.S.A. and
includes automatic feeding and drinking system.

II. The slaughter-house

it is located the same site of the Broiler farm, east of Maabar. It is the first
slaughter-house in Yemen. Fully equipped with the most specialised and modem
machines for slaughtering cleaning packing and freezing. It has a production capacity
of 500 BIRDS per hour, and is expected to reach 2500 per hour in the future.

III. The Hatchery

Located at Bath industrial area situated
east of Mokha The hatchery is 70 Kms
away from Taiz. The site is 400m above
sea level. This modem hatchery of Jahcao
, includes the most modern hatcheries
required to produce Day-Old-Chicks.

The hatching eggs are imported from
Europe hatched and distributed to Jahran
farm as well as To about 300 other farms
of medium and small size.

The total production capacity of the hatchery is 26 million
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