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I. Broiler Farm
The farm is situated east of the city of Maabar
and covers 7500   "libinah   Ishariyyah"
 ( 264,000 ) sq. meter

It consists of 20 houses of 1500 M2 which can
hold 20 thousand chicks Per House.

It has a modem central heating system which
matches those of Europe and U.S.A. and
includes automatic feeding and drinking system.
II. The slaughter-house
it is located the same site of the Broiler farm, east of Maabar. It is the first
slaughter-house in Yemen. Fully equipped with the most specialised and modem
machines for slaughtering cleaning packing and freezing. It has a production capacity
of 500 BIRDS per hour, and is expected to reach 2500 per hour in the future.