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Affordably priced vet loaded with the superior features and functions of professional quality drums

Air Seal System for Superior Shells

Yamaha's unique Air-Seal System, the same system used on all high quality Yamaha drums, ensures that every shell is perfectly round. It also ensures that every shell is uniform in size, has excellent response and a clear tone. Shells are made with 9 plies of Philippine Mahogany and covered with a PVC sheet that adds both beauty and durability to the shell.

Wood Hoops

Wood hoops on the bass drum in this price range are almost unheard of. Made with our Air-Seal System the hoops precisely fit the bass drum shell for a professional look and quality.


 Size: 14*51/2
Sell: Philippine Mahogany 9-ply

Wood Snare Drums

Wood snare drums have never before been available at this price. The popular size 5 1/2-inch deep snare produces a sophisticated sound.


Remo Heads

The DP series utilizes U2 heads by REMO that have been jointly developed by Yamaha. A U2 clear head has  been selected for the batter head on the bass drum. U2 clear heads are on the floor torn and toms while a U2 coated head is used on the snare. This perfect matching of shell performance and head has led to the utmost in drum tone. Also. the black head on the front of the bass drum, complete with a side hole, adds a sharp look to the entire set.




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