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The world's most popular affordable, high-performance, full-featured digital recording console now sets an even higher standard.

Yamaha's award-winning 02R Digital Recording Console is now available with Version 2 software. Hailed the world over for setting the standard in cost-effective professional digital mixing, 02R Version 2 raises that standard by including a long list of new features designed to greatly increase productivity, further decrease the need for peripheral components, and even provide an all-in-one sound processing platform for DVD projects.

Still provided are all the powerful features that have made the 02R the first choice for professional project and post production studios relying on TASCAM, ADAT, AES/EBU and YAMAHA digital interface formats—not to mention the versatile cascading options and many on-board processing functions which make the 02R an ideal live mixing and recording console.

These include uncompromising features like a versatile 40-input/8-bus configuration, individual channel PEQ and dynamics processors, effects libraries, scene snapshots and full on-board automation for recording and mixdown sessions, and pristine sound quality plus fast processing power from twin RISC CPUs and 32-bit signal processing LSIs.

O2R Version 2 includes a long list of additional features resulting from extensive consultation with many 02R users worldwide. Added are on-board 24-bit recording capability, various surround panning options, off-line copy-and-paste editing, timecode offset and timecode "capture" for quick location of specific points in a song. Plus, now there's touch sense fader editing which allows a fader to be instantly updated by simply moving it. There's also much more versatile I/O assigning of input patching and slot and Aux output selection, as well as MIDI remote and MIDI control assign, on-board MS stereo decoding, bus channel pairing, more flexible routing assignment and fader grouping, more scene memories, automatic fader start and stop of MD, DAT and CD—and much, much more.




General Specifications

Total Harmonic Distortion

less than 0.2% 20Hz~20kHz(analog output) @+14dBinto600Ω

Frequency Response*1

+1, -3dB, 20Hz~20kHz @+4dB into 600Ω

Dynamic Range*1

110dB(typical) DA Converter(STEREO OUT)

105dB(typical) AD to DA(MIC/LINE IN to STEREO OUT)

Hum & Noise Level*1*2

-128dB Equivalent Input Noise(20Hz-20kHz)

Rs=150Ω, Input Gain=Max., Input Pad=OdB, Input Sensitivity=-60dB

Crosstalk ©1kHz

70dB adjacent input channels

70dB input to input

AD Conversion

20-bit linear 64 times oversampling(INPUT 1~24)

DA Conversion

20-bit linear 8 times oversampling(ST OUT, C-R MONI OUT)

18-bit linear 8 times oversampling (STUDIO MONI OUT, AUX SEND 1-8)

Internal Signal Processing

32-bit(Dynamic Range=192dB)

Sampling Frequency

lnternal:44.1/48kHz External:32kHz(-6%)~48kHz(+6%)


4-band Full Parametric Equalization f:20Hz~20kHz(120point), G:±18dB(0.5dB step), Q:0.1 -10(41 point)——4-stages type:shelving/filter——LOW, HIGH (40 IN, Internal EFF RTN 1, 2, ST OUT)


100mm Motor Fader x21


ScenefTotal Recall) 96

Ch Library                  64

EQ Library                  128(40 preset)

Dynamics Library     128(40 preset)

Effect Library             128(40 preset)

Auto mix                     16(0.5MB)


320x240 pixel backlit LCD panel

Stereo Meter

21-elements x2 LED

Dimensions & Weights

662.7(700.7*3)W x 221.5(334.9*4 )H x 685(691.5*4 )D mm 30kg

*1=fs:internal 48kHz

*2=measured with a 6dB/octave filter @12.7kHz(equivatent to a 20kHz filter with infinite dB/octave attenuation).

*3=W02SP(1.7kg) attached.

*4=MB02(3kg) connected


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