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Yamaha generators are packed full of state-of-the-art technology that not only guarantees high-level performance  the various functions you hope for from a generator but also makes them outstanding in operability, economy and durability. And, to make sure that there is a Yamaha to fit all types and conditions of use, we offer a wide range of model variations, so you are certain to find just the right generator to fit your needs. Get yourself a Yamaha generator and discover a level of convenience and carefree use that only the most advanced technology in the industry can provide. A Yamaha generator will help make. your work easier more efficient and more creative.
bullet 4 Stroke Gasoline
bullet 2 Stroke Gasoline
bullet Diesel
Because Yamaha generators adopt a brushless type generating mechanism, there is no bothersome maintenance like the changing of carbon brushes. Also, because these generators have a maintenance-free electronic ignition system, you are ensured smooth starting and stable performance. Other important features like Stellite-faced exhaust valves and annealed cylinders ensure unmatched durability for the kind of reliable, carefree power supply you want from a generator.

The large noise-absorbing muffler means extra-quiet exhaust while the large air cleaner also reduces intake noise. What's more, optimization of the shapes of the engine's moving parts effectively reduces mechanical noise as yet another part of Yamaha's comprehensive noise-reduction design. Meanwhile, rubber engine mounts help elliminate annoying vibration.


These generators are powered by highly reliable OHV engines known for excellent combustion efficiency and high power output. These engines are also characterized by low oil consumption. That means you get the electrical power you need at an economical running cost.

Compared to other generators in the same class, Yamaha generators have larger displacement engines that ensure power to spare and performance that is one rank higher.

Extra large fuel tank mouth and cap for easier refueling

Convenient extra-large fuel tank for longer hours of continuous running
Durable frame that enables easier carrying High power output, highly fuel-efficient engine
Easy to reed meter panel and easy to use switches Highly effective large-sized muffler
Brushless generating mechanism for greater reliability and less maintenance  

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